Update and a switch to 4:3 (maybe)

Sorry for the lack of updates. As mentioned in a previous post Ive been away on holiday. I got back on Friday the 12th of July (left on the 3rd).

I’m actually afraid to weigh myself as I feel considerably heavier and I think it might be too depressing and not very motivational. So here is my plan…Its Sunday today and I’m back fasting. I also hope to fast Tuesday and Thursday which would make this week a 4:3 diet rather than the usual 5:2.

I’m interested to see how difficult this might be and if going 4:3 regularly might be a good decision. The 5:2 plan seemed to working OK for me without any spectacular results. Id like to lose some weight fast and I’m wondering if there would be much difference with the 4:3 plan.

My next weigh in will be Friday when hopefully I will have shed some of this holiday weight.

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