Twenty Third Weigh In

My twenty second weigh in – I weighed in at

84.7 Kg (13.33 stone) – Nov 29th

Body Fat Percentage – 25.5%

Body Water Percentage – 55.7%

BMI – 26.4

and TWO weeks later

84.9 Kg (13.36 stone) – Dec 13th

Body Fat Percentage – 25.8%

Body Water Percentage – 55.4%

BMI – 26.5

That’s quite disappointing – 2 weeks with fast days and a WEIGHT GAIN!, particularly as I felt this week was really good with loads of exercise and sensible eating on non fast days. It feels like I’m stagnating a little at the moment but from reading forums I believe that’s quite normal so I’m not too downhearted about it.

I have just one week now before the Christmas break and it would be nice to head into that with a decent weight loss to report. On a plus note I tried on a few t shirts this week that were stuck to me just two months ago and now I could actually wear them in comfort. Stuff like that really gives me motivation to keep going with this.

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