Twenty Second Weigh In

My twenty first weigh in – I weighed in at

85.1 Kg (13.40 stone) – Nov 15th

Body Fat Percentage – 26.1%

Body Water Percentage – 55.3%

BMI – 26.6

and two weeks later

84.7 Kg (13.33 stone) – Nov 29th

Body Fat Percentage – 25.5%

Body Water Percentage – 55.7%

BMI – 26.4

As its gets closer to the madness of the Xmas season, its getting harder to fit the 3 day fast weeks in so I’m just happy to see the scales going in the right direction. Nice to see a good drop in the body fat percentage too. Just 3 weeks now before the Christmas break so hoping I can lose a bit more in that time.

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