Twenty First Weigh In

My twentieth weigh in– I weighed in at

85.4 Kg (13.44 stone) – Nov 8th

Body Fat Percentage – 26.4%

Body Water Percentage – 55.1%

BMI – 26.7

and this week

85.1 Kg (13.40 stone) – Nov 15th

Body Fat Percentage – 26.1%

Body Water Percentage – 55.3%

BMI – 26.6

A smallish drop then but not so bad I think. I just realised there are only 5 weeks left til Christmas so not long to lose more weight before what will undoubtedly be plenty of eating and drinking.

Would be nice to get towards maybe 83.5 Kg or so before the break. Busy week for me next week which means just 2 fast days rather than 3.

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