Twenty Fifth Weigh In

So, January 17th, 28 days after my last weigh in and a whole lot of rich food and alcohol..

My twenty fourth weigh in – I weighed in at

83.9 Kg (13.21 stone) – Dec 20th

Body Fat Percentage – 25.3%

Body Water Percentage – 55.9%

BMI – 26.2

and 28 DAYS LATER (hey, that’s a film)

87.0 Kg (13.7 stone) – Jan 17th

Body Fat Percentage – 27.4%

Body Water Percentage – 54.3%

BMI – 27.2

Ouch, half a stone weigh gain!  Guess its to be expected after such a long holiday and it might actually go up a bit again I think before it starts to come down. Looking forward to getting the scales moving in the right direction again.

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