Twelfth Weigh In

Having missed last weeks weigh in, this one will work a little differently comparison wise as its over 2 weeks.

My eleventh weigh in – I weighed in at

88.3 Kg (13.9 stone) – Aug 16th

Body Fat Percentage – 28.4%

Body Water Percentage – 53.6%

BMI – 27.6

and 2 weeks later

87.8 Kg (13.82 stone) – Aug 30th

Body Fat Percentage – 27.9%

Body Water Percentage – 54%

BMI – 27.4

Over the 2 weeks, I lost 0.5 kg with some decent improvements in body fat and water percentage. Half a kilogram over 2 weeks is hardly great though is it? I know its good to keep losing but I cant help but find that a little disappointing.

I might consider some changes in the coming weeks such as more exercise or a different fasting routine. I’m off on holiday for 2 weeks at the end of September which leaves me four more weigh ins before then.

Id hope to be down to 86 kg by then which would mean Id need an average weekly loss of 0.45 kg (actually if I could reach 85.7 kg, I would be under 13.5 stone)

Another nice benchmark reached this week as I have lost exactly 8 kg since beginning the fast diet.

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