Trouble Sleeping because of what you are Eating

Do you have trouble getting to sleep at night?, tossing and turning as you cant seem to get comfortable and relax? – You may be suffering one of the side effects of a bad diet.  Research has shown that deficiencies of certain nutrients such as Calcium and Magnesium can badly affect sleep patterns.


Experts recommend adding plenty of fruits to your diet as well as vegetables, grains and some protein sources like fresh fish or chicken.  An obvious one which really shouldn’t need repeating is to avoid any drinks/food with caffeine. Some people also feel that having an alcoholic drink is a good way to relax before bed but for many people this is not the case as it can have quite the opposite effect.

Another school of thought suggests that eating foods with protein and carbs such as biscuits and milk can help as they affect sleep hormones. Herbal options such as valerian also remain popular.

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