Thirteenth Weigh In

This week was a bit disjointed then with 2 full days and one half day so I didn’t expect much however as you will see below there was a big weight loss in terms of what I normally lose per week.

I cant say I really understand it. I checked on two different scales to make sure my regular one was not broken. I normally weigh myself on Friday morning after a fast day and some exercise. This time I weighed myself in the evening time on Thursday as that was the end of my weeks fasting this time around.

I guess that made a difference but it doesn’t really add up for me as I would normally have completed Thursday as a fast day. On another note though I eat nothing at all before I weighed myself in the evening.

I think its a bit of a blip due to the different times and wont continue this week where I expect I will be up again.

My twelfth weigh in – I weighed in at

87.8 Kg (13.82 stone) – Aug 30th

Body Fat Percentage – 27.9%

Body Water Percentage – 54%

BMI – 27.4

and this week

86.6 Kg (13.63 stone) – Sept 6th

Body Fat Percentage – 27%

Body Water Percentage – 54.6%

BMI – 27

so maybe this week will just go down as an anomaly…we will see

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