Third Weigh In

I dunno why but I just felt I was not going to lose any weight this week. I just wasn’t feeling it and felt kinda bloated and heavy.

However when I woke up Friday morning after the 2nd fast day of the week, I actually did feel a little lighter!

so I hopped on the scales thinking maybe I actually did shed some weight…

Last week I weighed in at

92.4 Kg (14.55 stone) – May 31st

and this week

91.9 Kg (14.47 stone) – June 7th

so I lost another half a kilo or 1.1 pounds. Having felt throughout the week that I wasn’t losing anything meant I was quite happy. Getting under 14.5 stone was nice to see as well. Since I started on May 15th I have now lost 3.9 kg (8.5 pounds or 0.61 stone). Hoping for more steady progress in the coming weeks.

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