The Fast Diet 5:2

One of the hot diets of 2013 so far has been The Fast Diet by Dr Michael Mosley (in collaboration with Mimi Spencer). Mosley initially came to public attention on our TV screens. The diet is known widely as the 5:2 diet or the 2 day diet.

The main idea behind the diet is that for every seven days, two should be spent fasting. The big bonus being you can eat whatever you like when not of the “fast” days. Besides weight loss the diet claims to improve your overall well being, lowering cholesterol and helping protect against disease. Learn all about the diet from the book below.

After a BBC Horizon documentary named Eat, Fast and Live Longer was aired in 2012, the diet began to gain popularity with many pointing to the various health benefits it offered. On days when you are fasting you must limit your calorie intake to six hundred kcals so that’s quite tough however as I said earlier you have the rather big bonus of eating what you want on the other five days.

You can choose whichever day of the week you like for fasting with the book suggesting that consecutive days is a bad idea. Most people mange to get 3 meals from the 600 kcals and lots of water consumption is also recommended on these days. There is less pressure on your liver during fasting days which reduces the growth of a hormone named IGF-1.  This allows cells to repair which uses up energy. SIRT1 is also known as the slim gene and this is put into action on fasting days.

The diet is obviously at a very early stage so long term benefits are not guaranteed as of yet with more research needed. It is highly recommended to take vitamins during days where you don’t eat much. People with diabetes are advised to steer clear of this plan as are those with epilepsy and those who are pregnant. As ever it is always good to consult with your GP before making any diet decisions.

Hear from the man himself:

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