Tenth Weigh In

Yet another 4:3 week done.  Lets get straight to the results…

My ninth weigh in – I weighed in at

89.0 Kg (14.01 stone) – Aug 2nd

Body Fat Percentage – 29.0%

Body Water Percentage – 53.2%

BMI – 27.8

and this week

88.8 Kg (13.98 stone) – Aug 9th

Body Fat Percentage – 28.5%

Body Water Percentage – 53.5%

BMI – 27.7

Hmmmm, just a 0.2kg weight loss, not too happy with that.

Looking at the other figures, interestingly my body fat percentage dropped by 0.5% which seems good but I don’t understand why that’s not reflected in weight loss. I have not been building muscle, least I doubt one game of football during the week would build much muscle.

I had such good results the previous 3 weeks since switching to 4:3 that I guess I’m disappointed but obviously there will be ups and downs and overall I’m on the right track.

Also nice to tip in under 14 stone.

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