Some Tips to Keep your Weight Loss on track

It certainly helps to be organised and have a set plan of action when you want to lose weight. Here are a few tip which you may find useful.

1) Don’t allow your hunger to build to a maximum

Its important that you keep your hunger levels balanced. If you become insatiably hungry then you may be likely to grab the first thing you can find which is often not a healthy option. Keep your meal times as regular as possible. Skipping breakfast is always a bad idea.

2) Know whats coming

Get the shopping in and keep that fridge stocked with healthy options. Most of us lead very busy lives so coming home after a hard days work and slipping back into old unhealthy eating patterns can be easily done. Make sure that on your day off you get as much of the food that you will need as possible.  Get plenty of low fat snack options which you can eat on the go.


3) How big are your portions?

The fact is that for most of us they are too big. We can easily get in to the habit of thinking that we need a set amount of food when in reality we can easily get by with less. Don’t keep eating until you are fit to burst. You just want to feel satisfied.

4) Keep track of everything

An absolutely vital part of any diet plan is keeping notes of exactly what you are putting into your body. People have different ways of doing this. Some will prefer just plain pen and paper while others will use a laptop or portable device or perhaps an app which is an increasingly popular option among dieters.


5) Set goals

Having a target weight is vital. Give yourself a little treat when you start to make good progress ensuring that it is “little” of course so as not to undo any hard work.

6) Don’t give up

There may well be days when you slip up but what important is that you don’t give up. Write it off as a bad day and start again

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