Sixth Weigh In

After a less than routine week, I was quite apprehensive about stepping on the scales this week. I actually bought new scales which measure body fat percentage, body water percentage, bmi and of course actual weight. The one I went for is called “Salter Glass Body Fat Analyser Bathroom Scale 9141 WH3R” which I got from Amazon.

Its early days but I’m very happy with the fact that I can step on and off it and move it around the room and still get the same weight every time I check. The only thing that can be a little inconsistent is the body fat percentage though in very small amounts.

My fifth weigh in – I weighed in at

91.5 Kg (14.40 stone) – June 21st

and this week

91.8 Kg (14.45 stone) – June 29th (one day late)

and from here on I will add the other measurements I can now get from the scales

Body Fat Percentage – 30.5%

Body Water Percentage – 52.1%

BMI – 28.7

lots of work to be done to reduce all those..

so my first WEIGHT GAIN however…the fact that I am using new scales has to be taken into account as well as the fact that I did no exercise this week. I normally weight myself on the Friday directly after a few hours of football which obviously makes a difference.

I actually feel a lot skinnier round the waist which maybe I’m imagining…hard to know really.

Next week will be a real challenge fitting in fast days. My first one will have to wait until Tuesday and I’m not sure when the next one will be as I’m off on holiday for 9 days. I’m determined to fit them in somewhere though. Will just need to work them in around the schedule.

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