Sixteenth Weigh In

After gaining weight last week I was hopeful of getting back on track this week particularly as I have a 2 week holiday beginning today and wanted to leave on a good note.

My fifteenth weigh in– I weighed in at

86.4 Kg (13.6 stone) – Sept 20th

Body Fat Percentage – 27%

Body Water Percentage – 54.6%

BMI – 27

and this week

85.6 Kg (13.47 stone) – Sept 27th

Body Fat Percentage – 26.5%

Body Water Percentage – 55%

BMI – 26.7

I’m delighted to see that I have dipped under that initial aim of 13.5 stone. When I started this I would have been delighted JUST to get to that mark but now I want to push on to the next aim of 13 stone and then maybe 12.5 which I think would put me in the healthy bmi category.

Its great that I can go on holiday having reached that goal though of course I’m worried I might put a lot back on. See you in 2 weeks! when hopefully I wont have undone too much of the good work with holiday excess.

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