Seventh Weigh In

My last weigh in was way back on June 29th so things have not exactly been running to schedule. I was away on holiday for a while and lets just say there was a lot of eating and drinking involved. I did a 4:3 diet last week for the first time.

My sixth weigh in – I weighed in at

91.8 Kg (14.45 stone) – June 29th

Body Fat Percentage – 30.5%

Body Water Percentage – 52.1%

BMI – 28.7

and this week

90.9 Kg (14.31 stone) – July 21st

Body Fat Percentage – 30.2%

Body Water Percentage – 52.3%

BMI – 28.4

Gotta say I’m surprised I have actually lost weight after all that holiday excess. I hope to squeeze in 3 fast days again this week though I cant do Sunday now which I hoped would be my 1st so maybe Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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