Seventeenth Weigh In

Here I am, back after a fantastic 2 week holiday, feeling like I didn’t put on much weight but fearful none the less. I certainly didn’t hold back on any food or drink and there were zero fast days.

My sixteenth weigh in– I weighed in at

85.6 Kg (13.47 stone) – Sept 27th

Body Fat Percentage – 26.5%

Body Water Percentage – 55%

BMI – 26.7

and this week (after 2 week holiday break)

86.8 Kg (13.66 stone) – Oct 18th

Body Fat Percentage – 27.3%

Body Water Percentage – 54.4%

BMI – 27.1

I gained 1.2 kg since my last weigh in. I’m very happy with this to be honest. I really feared what being away on holiday might do to the progress I have made but this is not so bad at all.

I may struggle to get in 3 fast days per week in the coming weeks as I am really busy and moving around a lot but certainly hope to get two done at least before going back to 3 when things calm down.

Time to push on towards Christmas now and get closer to my next goal which is 13 stone.

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