A recent study undertaken by Growing up in Ireland has shown that over 50% of overweight 13 years olds make an effort to lose weight. Many are already dieting at a young age while others are exercising in a bid to shed the pounds. Eight and a half thousand children took part in the survey with results showing that twenty percent were overweight while six percent were considered obese. The participants had taken part in interviews four years earlier. Seventy eight percent of the obese children were either exercising or dieting which shows that the problem is being taken seriously. The study showed that overRead More →

Michael Wasserman of the University of California has recently undertaken a study which he believes shows vegetarians to have better sex lives than carnivores. The study was conducted for over a year on monkeys where their diet was strictly veggie. Sex as well as stress hormones were seen to be heightened by the team during the trial. Leaves from the Millettia dura tree were the main staple of the diet which contain high levels of soy. Wasserman says there is merit to the study with support coming somewhat humorously I would imagine from PETA with an associate suggesting vegans have the stamina to party allRead More →

Professor Kieran Clarke of Oxford University has developed a drink which promises to help with weight loss, epilepsy and diabetes. Ketones are energy which our body produces naturally. When your body runs out of carbohydrates it starts to use ketones for energy. Normally on a diet such as Atkins these will be produced due to the lack of carbs in your body however this new drink apparently adds them when taken once a day. Basic studies taken so far have shown weight loss as well as increased energy and lower cholesterol in test subjects. Its early days of course for this type of thing butRead More →

Well, the first one according to Kim is to get someone to work out with you. With lots of Thanksgiving weight piled on, she was in need of some serious motivation for exercise. She believes that working out with a close relative or friend is best as you can inspire each other. Another tip from Kim was to hit the stores. She believes that going shopping for new clothes is bound to inspire weight loss as you will want to look the best you possibly can in your new purchases. The reality star also believes that leftovers are a big no-no. Having them around isRead More →

It seems it has for many Americans according to a recent article from Gallup. The average weight that most are happy with is now over 11.5 stone. This represents almost a stone increase on the figure released twelve years ago. The average US Male now weighs around 14 stone where as their ideal weight is close to a stone lighter. The ideal weight for women comes in at around the 10 stone mark however the reality is over the 11 stone mark. The study found that just one in six people were actually at their ideal weight.Read More →

After her pregnancy, Jessica Simpson was determined to lose weight and boy did she succeed. The guys over at TMZ have wrote a great article with all the juicy details you will need if you would like to follow in Simpson’s footsteps (Jessica not Homer ;). Obviously with these things having your own personal chef is quite a big advantage but there are definitely some decent tip to be picked up all the same. Take a look at the article.    Read More →