This ones bad whatever way you look at it. According to reports, weight gain is a leading cause for those who need to go under the knife and get their knee(s) attended to. As well as that while you recover and are less mobile there is a good chance that you will pile on the pounds. The study named “Arthritis Care & Research” sourced results from over 1000 patients in reaching their findings. Results showed that over thirty percent of patients recorded a five percent or more weight gain in the 5 years after surgery had begun. Of course if your operation was successful youRead More →

Recent reports have suggested that pop star Lady GaGa has received lucrative endorsement offers from Weight Watchers. The singer has been the subject of some speculation regarding weight gain recently. She is said however to be quite happy with her figure and not interested in changing regardless of how much money she could earn. Other online publications consider the rumours to be false believing that GaGa is not the type of model the company would go for. It is also unlikely that she actually needs to lose enough weight to make her a likely candidate for before and after features. Noises from with the singersRead More →

A recent study undertaken in the US has shown that dieters tend to benefit from the use of monitoring technology when it comes to losing weight. On average the study showed that people using devices such as¬†personal digital assistants lost eight pounds or more. Apps for smart phones can offer a lot of encouragement to dieters as they can easily show your exact progress when it comes to both exercising and dieting as you go along. If you need a little bit of encouragement on a certain day you can simply compare your stats and you will quickly see that 1) maybe you need toRead More →

Well known Irish businessman¬† Ben Dunne has lost a whopping 4 stone this year. The sixty three year old took on the advice of his doctor and decided to do something about his weight problem. Although considered currently healthy by his doctor he was told that in his current shape this was unlikely to continue. If he wanted to live at least well into his seventies then he needed to take action on his weight. Dunne weighed almost nineteen stone when he began dieting but is now down to almost under fifteen. The food stuffs he has cut out are fairly obvious bad boys suchRead More →

Pop star Adele has claimed that she is unlikely to consider dieting unless her weight starts to have a detrimental effect on action in the bedroom. The full figured star has always been proud of her figure and for many has been a breath of fresh air in an industry populated by ridiculously skinny stars. Adele has said that nasty criticism she receives online has little effect on her self esteem as she has always been proud of who she is. Karl Lagerfeld from Chanel caused a storm earlier this year by calling the famous singer a little too fat. Although in some people eyesRead More →

Could you survive on just Hummus and Radishes? Its certainly not something anyone should try but that has not stopped actress Anne Hathaway who claims to be obsessed with her weight adding that she feels shame that it is something she has yet to grow out of. She also expressed a fear that people within the industry may not respect her as much if she does not keep her weight at a level she feels good with. Constantly being under scrutiny is something which she admits can be difficult. Anne can still be seen on many red carpets and is certainly not afraid to takeRead More →

One of the Stars of “The Hills” TV show Kristin Cavallari has been showing off her great new figure at a recent launch. Having giving birth back in August, Cavallari has manged to shed twenty five pounds of baby weight. Looking superb in a figure hugging red dress, she explained her weight loss secrets offering tips for admirers. She explained that she had taken on a regular exercise routine beginning when her baby was just four months old. She also extolled the virtues of breast feeding liking it to running 10 kilometres!. Her regular diet consisted of fresh fish, fruit and veg. During her pregnancyRead More →

In an effort to decrease crime rates, police in Indonesia have been told to shape up so as to have a better chance of catching criminals. The portly crime stoppers have been giving training gear and runners and ordered to shape up or ship out. Poor diet and a lack of exercise were blamed by a spokesman for the problem. He went on to say that there would be no penalties for officers who failed to lose weight however a lack of effort was not acceptable. Some policeman have spoken of the benefits of the training program while others have been disappointed with their lackRead More →

Kelly Osbourne looked in good shape at the recent Hangover Ball in New York which was a benefit for the fight against aids. Ms Osbourne has done very well indeed to maintain her fifty pound weight loss. Her stylist also deserves some kudos for the beautiful green and black cocktail dress which showcased Ms Osbourne’s figure. She certainly is not getting carried away however and knows that it is quite possible she could slip back into old ways. Referring to herself as a FFP or former fat person, she keeps her feet firmly on the ground. As well as a rigorous exercise routine, she favoursRead More →

Many actors have to get into shape one way or the other when faced with a demanding acting role. Sometimes they may need to bulk up while on other occasions they will need to lose lots of weight. McConaughey has lost over forty pounds for his latest role with recent pictures of him becoming cause for concern among fans and critics. The actor has said that he feels good and is not starving himself. He eats fresh fish regularly and believes he is on a spiritual journey. The movie is called Dallas Buyers Club and McConaughey will play a character who develops aids. Its importantRead More →