No Dairy Products for Megan

Megan Fox is back strutting her stuff in the public gaze  just three months after giving birth to her son. Thanks in part to her personal trainer, Megan never really piled on the pounds during pregnancy gaining just ten kg.  She also spoke of the virtues of not eating dairy products. Putting it in simple terms she said if you want to put on weight Рeat dairy.

Dan McCartney who is a lecturer in nutrition and dietetics at Dublin Institute of Technology however does not agree with Fox. McCartney stated “Many observational studies show that milk drinkers tend to have lower BMI and may have less fat accumulation around the middle”.

He went on to say that dairy leads to a satisfying feeling of fullness with studies showing that it may help with weight loss. Some people also believe that the body will choose to burn dairy foods before others which is something McCartney also disputes.


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