My 5:2 Fast Diet Diary – The Beginning

OK, so here goes..

Ive had enough of my ever expanding beer gut and have decided to do something about it. This week I will begin following the teachings of the Fast Diet or the 5:2 Diet as it is also known. The book just arrived today (Monday) and I hope to have a trial run at my first fast day this Wednesday (all going well).

I guess I should let you guys know some of my vital statistics.

Sex: Male
Age: 34
Height: 179.5cm
Weight: 95.8 Kg (15.08 stone)
BMI: 29.73

I exercise semi regularly. I play football once or twice a week (2 hour sessions) and I was jogging regularly 2 or 3 times a week up until about a month ago when I moved house so lost access to my normal running route (no excuse I know, I should be able to run anywhere). I was running 24 kilometres a week on average and hope to start into that again.

So that’s not a bad amount of exercise I guess, but my main problem is my diet. I drink far FAR too much beer and though I try to cook reasonably healthy meals during the week, that completely goes out the window at the weekend where I completely over indulge.

My target: Id love to lose 2 stone but I’m not so sure that’s achievable however I think 1.5 stone should be possible IF I stick at it. I know that would still leave me in the overweight category but I like to aim for something I feel is achievable and once I get there then try to push on.

Right, I’m gonna spend the next couple of day reading the book and putting a plan together…lets see how this goes.

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