Mobile Apps For Dieting Proving Useful

A recent study undertaken in the US has shown that dieters tend to benefit from the use of monitoring technology when it comes to losing weight. On average the study showed that people using devices such as personal digital assistants lost eight pounds or more.

Apps for smart phones can offer a lot of encouragement to dieters as they can easily show your exact progress when it comes to both exercising and dieting as you go along. If you need a little bit of encouragement on a certain day you can simply compare your stats and you will quickly see that 1) maybe you need to work harder or 2) everything is going according to plan.

Goutham Rao who was involved in the study believes that a combination of personal training with the technology can be ideal. Sixty nine people in their fifties took part in the trial. Half were given devices to monitor their weight loss progress as well as access to professionals.  The group without monitoring showed an average weight loss of just two pounds compared to the ten pounds which the group using pdas achieved.



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