Keep Your Knees in Shape by Keeping that Weight off

This ones bad whatever way you look at it. According to reports, weight gain is a leading cause for those who need to go under the knife and get their knee(s) attended to. As well as that while you recover and are less mobile there is a good chance that you will pile on the pounds.

The study named “Arthritis Care & Research” sourced results from over 1000 patients in reaching their findings. Results showed that over thirty percent of patients recorded a five percent or more weight gain in the 5 years after surgery had begun.

Of course if your operation was successful you should be moving around much better than pre op however it is thought that some patients get used to a slower pace of life with their injury and fail to get back to normal once their knee is back in good shape.

The study concluded that there is a need for a coaching/counseling element to be introduced for patients to help them quickly get up to speed again.


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