Jada Pinkett Smith and the Eat all you can Diet

Sounds like a diet we would all like to try, right? Jada Pinkett Smith has tried many diets over the years with varying success however she admits that the most bizarre diet she ever undertook meant “eating non-stop”. The reason behind this was her role in the hit movie “The Matrix” in which she played “Niobe”

The role required Smith to bulk up as a muscular figure was required for the part with advisers suggesting the eat all you can route to success ;-). These days at the ripe old age of 41, Smith sticks to a healthy veggie diet while indulging the odd craving for junk food now and then.

She was back in the public eye this week visiting various fashion shows in the Big Apple while hubby Will lived it up in Rio de Janeiro with celeb pals including a Kardashian.

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