Irish Gym Boss Ben Dunne Loses Four Stone

Well known Irish businessman  Ben Dunne has lost a whopping 4 stone this year. The sixty three year old took on the advice of his doctor and decided to do something about his weight problem. Although considered currently healthy by his doctor he was told that in his current shape this was unlikely to continue. If he wanted to live at least well into his seventies then he needed to take action on his weight.

Dunne weighed almost nineteen stone when he began dieting but is now down to almost under fifteen. The food stuffs he has cut out are fairly obvious bad boys such as sliced white bread and sweets switching to a high protein diet. He also of course has taken the option of working out in some of the gyms he owns.

He claims to not follow the diet rigidly at weekends allowing himself meals out. He has happily traded in his old wardrobe for those slimmer fits.

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