I’m Back!

Well that was certainly longer than expected. 34 days since I last posted here! What happened?

OK, so on the 20th of December I went to my family home for the holidays and returned to my own home on Dec 3oth. After that there were of course some new year festivities to deal with. I decided Id go back to my regular work/fast day/exercise routine on January 6th (allowing myself a few extra days holiday – perks of being your own boss)

However by Jan 6th, Id come down with a serious case of the flu and spent the week coughing and wheezing with a serious fever which meant my normal routine was put off for another week. I finally got back to fasting on the 14th and 16th however my cold returned (had never fully left) on the 19th which meant I actually did do a fast day on the 2oth as I didn’t feel like eating anything.

Anyway I’m still getting better and trying to put in fast days where I can. This place has also become completely iced over this week which will make exercise difficult but will hopefully work something out.

So its taken a while but I should be fully back on track from here on (I hope).

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