Fourth Weigh In

My fourth weigh in then. Always an exciting part of the week though of course apprehensive too that the news might not be so good.

My third weigh in – I weighed in at

91.9 Kg (14.47 stone) – June 7th

and this week

91.7 Kg (14.44 stone) – June 14th

so a very small 0.2kg (0.44 pounds) loss this week.

I’m disappointed but not too much as I’m at least still heading in the right direction. I thought having two (350kcal) fast days might have made more of a difference but not this week at least.

There is a heatwave due here next week supposedly reaching the mid to high thirties (Celsius) – I’m not very good in hot weather (fair skin) so hope it doesn’t affect my exercise pattern too much.

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