First Fast Day Finished

so its Thursday morning – 8.19am here. I completed my first fast day yesterday.

How was it? not too bad really.

I had 2 meals, one at 2pm and another at 9pm. The first meal was 2 poached eggs and a slice of wholemeal toast while for the evening meal I had some turkey breast and plenty of cauliflower. Calories easily came in under 600, somewhere around the 550 mark.

I drank loads of Coffee (too much when you have little food inside you, wont be doing that again as it gives me the shakes) and lots of sparkling water (which I always do but even more than usual yesterday)

Probably felt at my most hungry around 6pm but drinking water makes it go away fairly quickly. Planning to do another fast day tomorrow (Friday) however I hope to make my regular days (Monday and Thursday) or possibly Tuesday instead of Monday depending on whats happening in my life.

I cant see myself getting too extravagant with the menu options. I’m not much of a chef and to be honest I think Il be quite happy with simple meals like I had yesterday. I’m going to weigh myself every Friday morning and post my weight here on the blog.

I also came across this forum yesterday – – Its got lots of great threads and friendly folk offering advice.

Il be back here on Saturday after hopefully a successful second fast day.

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