Fifth Weigh In

I spoke earlier in the week about  how I badly needed a new scale. The good news is I have now ordered one which not only measures weight but also body fat percentage, body water percentage and bmi so I can now start recording those results on a weekly basis.

For now I’m still using my old scale which I don’t think I can really trust but I think it will do this last time before I ship it off to the dump.

My fourth weigh in – I weighed in at

91.7 Kg (14.44 stone) – June 14th

and this week

91.5 Kg (14.40 stone) – June 21st

so the same small amount of weight lost this week as the last. Its a bit disappointing really however I intend to keep pushing on with the plan for quite a while yet. I may consider adopting a 4:3 plan by late July/August depending on how things are going.

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