Fifteenth Weigh In

So here we go again…my fifteenth weigh in and hoping to keep up the steady progress made over the last 2 weeks

My fourteenth weigh in– I weighed in at

85.8 Kg (13.51 stone) – Sept 13th

Body Fat Percentage – 26.5%

Body Water Percentage – 55%

BMI – 26.8

and this week

86.4 Kg (13.6 stone) – Sept 20th

Body Fat Percentage – 27%

Body Water Percentage – 54.6%

BMI – 27

so I actually GAINED WEIGHT for the first time since my sixth weigh in!

How did that happen? I completed 3 fast days, got all my usual exercise in, didn’t eat excessively on non fast days so certainly didn’t expect to gain weight (and a reasonable amount too at 0.6kg)

I guess the progress made over the last 2 weeks was a bit too good to be true and from an overall point of view I am still moving in the right direction (though not this week obviously).

I really hope that next week will show a reasonable loss as I’m away for 2 weeks holiday and would like to leave on a happy note. That 85.7kg (13.5 stone) initial target was almost in my grasp but for whatever reason Ive gone in the opposite direction.

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