Fast Days 31, 32 and 33

Another week and another three fast days successfully completed. I mixed my fast day foods up a little this week rather than sticking to just porridge.

On two of the days I had chicken breast with some wholemeal bread with still enough calories left over from my daily allowance to fit in some strawberries and a cup of hot chocolate. I was worried it would not be as filling as the porridge but seemed to work out fine.

Might look into a few more different food options this week depending on how I feel as I can get pretty lazy about it. I guess it might be the case that if the food I make is bland enough, I might be less likely to be hungry for more.

Still finding the fast days reasonably easy going. It can be a bit depressing waking up in the morning and thinking whats ahead but cant complain as long as I can keep losing weight.

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