Fast Days 28, 29 and 30

Grouping into 3 again for record. Changed my diet around slightly for one day (30). Maybe I’m finally getting sick of porridge but I decided to cook some chicken breast and have it with a couple of small slices of wholemeal bread. Was a nice change though I probably felt a little hungrier after than I would with porridge. Will definitely do it again though.

I managed to track down some low calorie hot chocolate this week which surprisingly was not so easy to find here in Berlin. At 63 kcal per cup,  its a nice addition to the day and I must say it tastes pretty good.

I also switched from Cola/Fanta/Sprite Zero brand drinks to a German company called DEIT. They have some nice choices like Pink Grapefruit and claim to add 7 different vitamins to the drink. Seems like they could be a better alternative to the Zero brands but to be honest I really dont know enough about the differences.

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