Fast Days 22, 23 and 24

Apologies for not updating the diary last week. To be honest the fast days were all pretty standard so there was not much to say really.

I did a 4:3 week again, fasting on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. I’m finding it reasonably OK though its definitely a step up on 5:2 which now seems easy in comparison (though of course its not).

I am likely to feel a bit annoyed If I don’t post a weight loss when doing 3 fast days a week as I guess I feel my efforts should be rewarded though realistically I know its likely that I might gain a little one week and lose the next etc…just need to keep going and not be put off by little setbacks.

I’m still eating the same porridge/strawberries meal each fast day. I thought I would be really sick of it by now but its actually fine. Still coming in around the 450 kcal per fast day mark too, dunno if that helps staying under the 600, guess it cant hurt.

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