Fast Day Two Finished

Just out of bed here at 8.30am…feeling good and actually not hungry after completing my 2nd fast day yesterday. It was probably an easier day overall than the first day which I think was down to the structure of the day.

I got up at around 8.30, had some black coffee, did a little work (I work from home) and at 9.45 I headed out to play some football. The game lasted from about 10.30 to 12.15 and its a 14km cycle (7 each way) to get there so by the time I got back and showered it was probably well after 1.

I drank a lot of water but as I wasn’t hungry I didn’t see the point in having my first meal of the day and just continued working until around 4. I then as often happens after football felt really tired and went for a nap from around 4.30 to 6. I still didn’t feel hungry after waking up so actually didn’t end up eating until 8.30pm.

I kind of combined the 2 meals I was going to have into oneĀ  and went for

  • 190g – Chicken Breast
  • 150g – Spinach
  • 2 poached eggs
  • teaspoon of olive oil
  • tea with 2oml of low fat milk

This all came in at around 450 kcal and as I didn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day, I easily came in under the 600 kcal allowance.

I think having football on the day probably makes it easier than If I was at home all day just working. At least this time it did however it might not always work out that way. Early days so just gonna see what works best in these first few weeks.

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