Fast Day Three

I completed my 3rd fast day yesterday and I think it was certainly the easiest so far. I think from now on I am going to just have one main meal in the evening time (around 7 or 8pm) and fast for the rest of the day. I have read some people including the good Dr Mosley saying there “may” be extra benefits to this type of routine (longer fasting time) and to be honest I think it is probably easier as you can keep the hunger at bay for longer if you don’t give in easily (at least that’s my experience so far, though that of course may change).

One thing i certainly need to change though is the variety of my fast day meals. I went for turkey breast with one egg, cauliflower and spinach and for whatever reason I could barely even stomach it. Id say I eat about 450 calories in total for the day. Had a nice 0.1% fat yoghurt after it (63 kcal) and that was far more satisfying than the meal which I didn’t finish.

I’m thinking something like porridge (50g) with some type of berries, semi skimmed milk, low fat yoghurt and wholegrain toast might be a better full meal option even though I would be having it in the evening and its obviously breakfast stuff. Just think it would be healthier and make me feel better than what I have been eating so far.

Anyway as I said the day was pretty easy overall with the lowest point actually eating the meal. On to Thursday then for fast day 4 and then my first weigh-in on Friday.

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