Fast Day 8 of 5:2 Diet Done

Sorry, I meant to update this on Friday (I completed fast day 8 on Thursday 6th of June) but the weekend got away from me and I’m only getting round to it now.

It was a good day with the big change being that I only eat 300 calories instead of the allowed 600. Why?  just cos I really was not very hungry after finishing my porridge and strawberries and thought why bother adding any more calories If I don’t need them?

Its not something that I’m going to aim for but If I feel full enough after 300 then I’m not gonna eat any more.  It will always depend upon how hungry I am on the day.

I hadn’t thought of doing it before but when I wasn’t particularly hungry, I just thought why not? Right, next post Il write about my third weigh in.


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