Fast Day 5

Another week…another fast day. Decided to go for a Monday for the 1st time. It was certainly easily my hungriest day so far. I think this is down to my irregular eating habits at the weekend which means hunger can be a little more unpredictable on Monday.

It would be easier for me to do Tuesday instead but I think I might get a little more benefit by keeping my fast days further apart (Monday and Thursday). I play sports on Tuesday and Friday morning and so keep the fast going until I return home around noon. I have read that this may be a good idea as you are more likely to burn fat as your body is in full on fast mode so I don’t even put milk in my coffee in the morningĀ  before leaving for sports just to ensure I’m still in full fast mode from the previous day.

I know a lot of the stuff I’m saying is up for debate as to how important/effective it is but I think its worth trying and will keep trying to tweak my 5:2 diet plan so as to get the most out of it as I move along.

Just had the one main meal again – porridge, blueberries, wholemeal toast, cottage cheese, yoghurt and came in under 500 (100 to spare). Thursday will be day 6.

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