Fast Day 19 and 20 (Consecutive Days)

I completed my first consecutive fast days on Monday (22nd) and Tuesday (23rd). Monday was pretty simple though Tuesday was a different story. Not sure its something I will do again unless I really need to.

Felt pretty bad most of Tuesday as in just waiting for the day to end so will try spread out fast days in future I think though I hate the idea of a fast day on a weekend but a Sunday is not so bad I guess.

It was interesting to try and who knows If I did it again it might be a lot easier. I read on a few forums that many people found the second consecutive day of fasting quite easy but that was certainly not the case for me.

It goes back again to the idea that this plan needs to be sustainable and I think it can be however doing consecutive days makes it too much of a slog (at least for me).

I might try it again sometime but for the moment I will try and avoid back to back fast days.

Fasting again today (Thursday) which will make this my second 4:3 week.

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