Fast Day 17

Well I’m glad this one is over. I probably should have abandoned it half way through but I forced myself to get through it.

A couple of things really made it a more difficult day than it should have been. First of all after fasting on Sunday I don’t think I eat enough on Monday so heading into another fast day on Tuesday saw the hunger catching up with me quicker than usual. I think that was just maybe 10% though of why it was a difficult day.

The main reason was because I played a football match for 2 hours in the morning in stifling heat and got the top of my head burned. I had sun lotion on but not on the top of my head where my unfortunately thinning hair did not provide enough cover once I got sweaty.

The headache began around 2pm and never left for the day. I got very little sleep as I kept waking up throughout the night and even the next morning the headache was still as strong. Eventually it started to ease around lunchtime to my relief.

Hopefully Il learn from my mistakes. As I said I probably should have just quit the fast day and ate what I wanted but once I start a fast day I don’t want to give up on it as it seems like a waste.

Fasting again on Thursday which will complete my first 4:3 week.

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