Fast Day 10

Well, Ive reached Day 10, a nice marker and hopefully that number will be much higher in the coming months and year.

This was actually the toughest fast day I have experienced since maybe Day 1 or 2. Dunno why, I guess the body is hard to predict and some days are just gonna be more difficult. I stuck to my smaller calorie intake that I have been doing for the last few fast days. I had about 350 kcal in total.

Again I didn’t eat anything until quite late, around 7.30 or 8 in the evening. I often actually don’t feel like eating by the time its gets this late. Don’t get me wrong I’m hungry and my stomach feels uneasy but I don’t really get any satisfaction from eating. My stomach still has that hard to describe empty maybe even nervous feeling after having my 350 or so calories.

I find I have a lot of energy on fast days. Maybe its just to take my mind off being hungry but I find myself doing jobs around the house that I normally wouldn’t. I also find that I’m more energetic and even creative when working. Feels like my brain is moving faster for some reason. Probably too much coffee on an empty stomach?

I found it really difficult to sleep this time. I think I woke up every hour and eventually got out of bed around 7am after probably getting 2 or 3 hours sleep in total. I often wake up and check my clock hoping its actually time to get up and am disappointed to see that its only maybe 4am. Its not cause I’m looking forward to eating something as I try to keep the fast going until lunchtime the following day anyway, I’m just bored really but I still want to sleep off that empty stomach feeling.

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