Eight Weigh In

I completed my 2nd week of the 4:3 plan. I did two consecutive days (which I probably wont do again unless desperate) and then the 3rd day after a one day break.

My seventh weigh in – I weighed in at

90.9 Kg (14.31 stone) – July 21st

Body Fat Percentage – 30.2%

Body Water Percentage – 52.3%

BMI – 28.4

and this week

89.8 Kg (14.14 stone) – July 27th

Body Fat Percentage – 29.3%

Body Water Percentage – 52.9%

BMI – 28.0

Well, I’m delighted with that, over a kilogram lost and some significant body fat percentage as well.

It gets me close now to almost a stone lost since I started the fast diet. The 4:3 seems to be working really well for me with a 2kg loss over the last 2 weigh ins. Il be doing 4:3 again next week and hoping that the weight keeps dropping off. Don’t want to get carried away so will be happy to drop even half that amount next week.

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