Drinking Alcohol and your Diet

Dieting is quite difficult for most of us mere mortals so having to give up your favourite alcoholic tipple certainly doesn’t make things any easier. It is something that many of us fail to do so end up adding all those calories despite cutting down on fatty foods.

There are however ways to enjoy a drink without ruining your diet. According to Andrea Giancoli of the American Dietetic Association you can still enjoy a drink as long as you count those calories carefully.  The average glass of wine has around one hundred and twenty calories while the average spirit comes in at around the hundred mark.  A bottle of Beer will normally be around the one hundred and fifty mark.


Of course you must also add in the calories of any mixers you are using which many will find a necessity when drinking hard liquor. Going for the diet mixers will help keep the numbers down. Throwing in a few blocks of ice may work for some as it will make the drink more sip-able as the ice melts.

Keep in mind that alcohol is very good at reducing your will power when it comes to all those other items you may be trying to avoid.


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