Day 4 Done

Another day done. Pretty easy day overall. Did the one big meal thing again and eat at 7.30 in the evening. I did actually start to get some bad headaches from around 6pm though and it was not until Id had eaten the first half of my food that they started to fade. Felt quite full after eating.

I changed to something more breakfasty and healthy as I mentioned I would in my day 3 post. I had

40g Oatmeal (porridge)200ml of half fat milk (this was too much, more water next time)
100g of Raspberries
2 small slices of wholemeal toast with some low fat (0.8%) cottage cheese
1 tub of yoghurt (0.1% fat)

and it all came in around the 500kcal mark. I don’t like to get too close to the allowed 600kcal mark if possible as I worry I might miscalculate a bit and go over it (which is kinda stupid really) but anyway I was quite full after that and enjoyed it much more than previous fast day meals I had.

so I started this diet on Wednesday May 15th so its been 9 days. Time to do my first weigh-in..

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