How about an early lunch?

The International Journal of Obesity recently published its findings following a study on lunch eating times. Results showed that those who eat lunch earlier in the day are likely to have less weight fluctuations and to be more successful when it comes to keeping off the pounds. One the people involved with the project – […]

Greasy Diet Hits Sperm Count

A recent study has shown that men who indulge in a fatty diet may have a lower sperm count by as much as forty percent. The study undertaken on young men in Denmark follows in the path of the overall lower sperm count found in western countries during the last sixty years with drops of […]

Mobile Apps For Dieting Proving Useful

A recent study undertaken in the US has shown that dieters tend to benefit from the use of monitoring technology when it comes to losing weight. On average the study showed that people using devices such as personal digital assistants lost eight pounds or more. Apps for smart phones can offer a lot of encouragement to […]