Singer Chris Brown has hit back at fans criticising his weight loss as displayed by photos which he posted on Instagram. He posed topless alongside a quad bike and received a barrage of negative comments belittling his slight frame. The singer responded by suggesting some of the commentators need to get on the treadmill and look at themselves before launching attacks on him. He claimed he was simply being healthy with lots of regular workouts as well as keeping busy dancing and singing on stage. The exchanges between Brown and others became quite heated which has presumably led to the photo and comments in questionRead More →

Often dubbed cruelly as the “fat Ronaldo”, Brazilian international Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima has lost over two and a half stone as part of a reality TV show. The three time winner of the FIFA Player of the year award did remarkably well to shed the pounds. A rigorous exercise routine including weight lifting, yoga and of course football saw Ronaldo succeed in the program broadcast on Brazilian TV called Fantastico. Ronaldo currently works with the Brazilian Football Association and takes part regularly in charity games. His new trim figure is bound to come in useful as he comes up regularly against former greatsRead More →

Drew Barrymore gained almost three stone during her recent pregnancy. With many pregnant celebs opting for healthy diets such as fresh fish and veg, Barrymore bucked the trend by treating herself to as many treats as she felt like with ice cream and cheese burgers at the top of the list. Barrymore normally a fan of healthy eating claimed that the food she eat was a result of pregnancy cravings and something which she normally does not even like the taste of. After suffering initially with morning sickness she developed a huge appetite and though why not? when it came to less than healthy foodsRead More →

Recent reports have suggested that pop star Lady GaGa has received lucrative endorsement offers from Weight Watchers. The singer has been the subject of some speculation regarding weight gain recently. She is said however to be quite happy with her figure and not interested in changing regardless of how much money she could earn. Other online publications consider the rumours to be false believing that GaGa is not the type of model the company would go for. It is also unlikely that she actually needs to lose enough weight to make her a likely candidate for before and after features. Noises from with the singersRead More →

Pop star Adele has claimed that she is unlikely to consider dieting unless her weight starts to have a detrimental effect on action in the bedroom. The full figured star has always been proud of her figure and for many has been a breath of fresh air in an industry populated by ridiculously skinny stars. Adele has said that nasty criticism she receives online has little effect on her self esteem as she has always been proud of who she is. Karl Lagerfeld from Chanel caused a storm earlier this year by calling the famous singer a little too fat. Although in some people eyesRead More →

One of the Stars of “The Hills” TV show Kristin Cavallari has been showing off her great new figure at a recent launch. Having giving birth back in August, Cavallari has manged to shed twenty five pounds of baby weight. Looking superb in a figure hugging red dress, she explained her weight loss secrets offering tips for admirers. She explained that she had taken on a regular exercise routine beginning when her baby was just four months old. She also extolled the virtues of breast feeding liking it to running 10 kilometres!. Her regular diet consisted of fresh fish, fruit and veg. During her pregnancyRead More →

Kelly Osbourne looked in good shape at the recent Hangover Ball in New York which was a benefit for the fight against aids. Ms Osbourne has done very well indeed to maintain her fifty pound weight loss. Her stylist also deserves some kudos for the beautiful green and black cocktail dress which showcased Ms Osbourne’s figure. She certainly is not getting carried away however and knows that it is quite possible she could slip back into old ways. Referring to herself as a FFP or former fat person, she keeps her feet firmly on the ground. As well as a rigorous exercise routine, she favoursRead More →

Many actors have to get into shape one way or the other when faced with a demanding acting role. Sometimes they may need to bulk up while on other occasions they will need to lose lots of weight. McConaughey has lost over forty pounds for his latest role with recent pictures of him becoming cause for concern among fans and critics. The actor has said that he feels good and is not starving himself. He eats fresh fish regularly and believes he is on a spiritual journey. The movie is called Dallas Buyers Club and McConaughey will play a character who develops aids. Its importantRead More →

Professor Kieran Clarke of Oxford University has developed a drink which promises to help with weight loss, epilepsy and diabetes. Ketones are energy which our body produces naturally. When your body runs out of carbohydrates it starts to use ketones for energy. Normally on a diet such as Atkins these will be produced due to the lack of carbs in your body however this new drink apparently adds them when taken once a day. Basic studies taken so far have shown weight loss as well as increased energy and lower cholesterol in test subjects. Its early days of course for this type of thing butRead More →

Well, the first one according to Kim is to get someone to work out with you. With lots of Thanksgiving weight piled on, she was in need of some serious motivation for exercise. She believes that working out with a close relative or friend is best as you can inspire each other. Another tip from Kim was to hit the stores. She believes that going shopping for new clothes is bound to inspire weight loss as you will want to look the best you possibly can in your new purchases. The reality star also believes that leftovers are a big no-no. Having them around isRead More →