Sounds like a diet we would all like to try, right? Jada Pinkett Smith has tried many diets over the years with varying success however she admits that the most bizarre diet she ever undertook meant “eating non-stop”. The reason behind this was her role in the hit movie “The Matrix” in which she played “Niobe” The role required Smith to bulk up as a muscular figure was required for the part with advisers suggesting the eat all you can route to success ;-). These days at the ripe old age of 41, Smith sticks to a healthy veggie diet while indulging the odd cravingRead More →

Former pop star and current DJ Boy George certainly turned a few heads last night in London. Arriving at an awards show, he was barely recognisable from the plump out of shape figure he has become known for over the last few years. Now passed the half century mark he could have certainly passed for a considerably younger man, still sticking to his normal trusted style of full makeup. The singer has had his troubles in recent years after doing jail time for assault. For the last twenty years his weight has fluctuated with regular DJ spots at top London clubs keeping him in theRead More →

The Medical Council have received a complaint regarding the RTE Show – Operation Transformation. The complaint came from the Irish Patients’ Association. The group were upset due to the treatment a patient received from Dr Eva during a recent show. A 23 year old patient named Charlotte O’Connell was heavily criticised after failing to meet her target weight by half a pound. She found little sympathy been told to “cop on”. Stephen McMahon from the group praised the show for its positive effect overall however he felt the show went too far this time as it compromised the patients dignity. The doctor stated that sheRead More →

Simon Cowell is certainly a man that divides opinion. Some love his sharp wit and his eye for controversy in programs such as the X Factor and American Idol while others despise his factory line cardboard cut out pop creations and formulaic publicity stunts. One thing that most people can agree on is that Mr Cowell despite what he thinks himself is certainly no fashion icon. He is however at least according to countless insiders incredibly vain about how he looks which may explain why he feels the need to fly carrots all the way from Singapore (oh a good seven thousand miles or so)Read More →

Dr Eva from the RTE show Operation Transformation is not just interested in the weight condition of humans it seems as she has recently spoken of putting her dog on a diet.  After discovering her dog “Lincoln” had a sore ear she took him to the vet. She was away during the Christmas period so had left the dog with a minder who supposedly has a habit of treating Lincoln just a little too much. Dr Eva said “he’ll soon be his usual trim self” as she vows to keep a closer eye on the canines waistline.  According to the Vet,  Lincoln is close toRead More →

Actress Drew Barrymore claims to be in no rush to lose her baby weight. Having given birth to her daughter Olive, she does not feel the need to follow the celebrity trend of dropping that baby weight as soon as possible. She says she is doing what she can but does not feel any pressure to achieve ultra fast weight loss. She spoke of living in an image obsessed industry where everyone is dying to look great after pregnancy in order to receive the kudos and precious inches of press space that the transformation will afford them. Barrymore doesn’t want to be too hard onRead More →

Megan Fox is back strutting her stuff in the public gaze  just three months after giving birth to her son. Thanks in part to her personal trainer, Megan never really piled on the pounds during pregnancy gaining just ten kg.  She also spoke of the virtues of not eating dairy products. Putting it in simple terms she said if you want to put on weight – eat dairy. Dan McCartney who is a lecturer in nutrition and dietetics at Dublin Institute of Technology however does not agree with Fox. McCartney stated “Many observational studies show that milk drinkers tend to have lower BMI and mayRead More →

Former X-factor winner Leona Lewis claims she has had such a battle to lose weight that she must have tried almost every diet available.  However at the age of 27 she now says that she has accepted her natural body shape and is happy as she is. She admits that is her efforts to slim down she has caused concern for her family members, in particular her mother. Looking back at old pictures she can now see that she went too far in her pursuits of the perfect figure. In an image obsessed career it was very difficult for the pop star to adapt. SheRead More →

Gwyneth Paltrow will release her second cookery book  “It’s All Good – Delicious, Easy Recipes That Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great” this coming April following up her successful release from 2011 entitled “My Father’s Daughter”. There will be one hundred and eighty five recipes in the book with the promise that none will contain any caffeine, alcohol, dairy, eggs, sugar, shellfish, deep-water fish, wheat, soy or any processed foods. The book is based on the elimination diet inspired by some of her troubles from the previous year. Suffering from exhaustion, vitamin d deficiency and stress anxiety she was advised by her doctorRead More →

Its not something you normally hear from film stars attempting to lose some weight however Hilary Duff claims that she owes her new trim figure to boxing. Although admittedly doing other exercises as well as eating healthily she claims that boxing was the most helpful when it came to losing her baby weight. The fact that she enjoys the activity so much is a big plus as it is certainly something which wont suit everybody. According to her trainer Hilary really likes to push herself hard during the boxing sessions leaving nothing behind. Duff eats plenty of fresh fish and kale in her daily dietRead More →