I completed my 3rd fast day yesterday and I think it was certainly the easiest so far. I think from now on I am going to just have one main meal in the evening time (around 7 or 8pm) and fast for the rest of the day. I have read some people including the good Dr Mosley saying there “may” be extra benefits to this type of routine (longer fasting time) and to be honest I think it is probably easier as you can keep the hunger at bay for longer if you don’t give in easily (at least that’s my experience so far, thoughRead More →

uuugggh…long weekend here in Germany with today (Monday) being a holiday. I certainly indulged myself over the last two days and hope I have not undone any benefits I may have received from my two fast days last week. Hard not to feel guilty. Tuesday and Thursday will be my fast days this week. I’m gonna have my first weigh-in then on Friday morning. Not expecting a lot but hoping for some good signs.Read More →

Just out of bed here at 8.30am…feeling good and actually not hungry after completing my 2nd fast day yesterday. It was probably an easier day overall than the first day which I think was down to the structure of the day. I got up at around 8.30, had some black coffee, did a little work (I work from home) and at 9.45 I headed out to play some football. The game lasted from about 10.30 to 12.15 and its a 14km cycle (7 each way) to get there so by the time I got back and showered it was probably well after 1. I drankRead More →

so its Thursday morning – 8.19am here. I completed my first fast day yesterday. How was it? not too bad really. I had 2 meals, one at 2pm and another at 9pm. The first meal was 2 poached eggs and a slice of wholemeal toast while for the evening meal I had some turkey breast and plenty of cauliflower. Calories easily came in under 600, somewhere around the 550 mark. I drank loads of Coffee (too much when you have little food inside you, wont be doing that again as it gives me the shakes) and lots of sparkling water (which I always do butRead More →

OK, so here goes.. Ive had enough of my ever expanding beer gut and have decided to do something about it. This week I will begin following the teachings of the Fast Diet or the 5:2 Diet as it is also known. The book just arrived today (Monday) and I hope to have a trial run at my first fast day this Wednesday (all going well). I guess I should let you guys know some of my vital statistics. Sex: Male Age: 34 Height: 179.5cm Weight: 95.8 Kg (15.08 stone) BMI: 29.73 I exercise semi regularly. I play football once or twice a week (2Read More →