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Schofield Endorses 5:2 Diet

The 5:2 diet has received yet another thumbs up from the celebrity world, this time coming from TV presenter Phillip Schofield. It has also been claimed that the diet has proved successful for Beyonce, Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck and many more high profile dieters.


Mr Schofield has so far lost nine pounds on the plan in just three weeks. In order to be successful, you must fast for 2 days a week on the diet and eat a normal regular diet for the other 5 days. During fast days, just 500 calories are allowed for women and 600 for men.

It certainly seems to be this years most high profile diet. Whether it will last remains to be seen but certainly for now it seems to be producing results. Have a read of our 5:2 diet review. The book has already been reprinted 13 times.

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The Fast Diet 5:2

One of the hot diets of 2013 so far has been The Fast Diet by Dr Michael Mosley (in collaboration with Mimi Spencer). Mosley initially came to public attention on our TV screens. The diet is known widely as the 5:2 diet or the 2 day diet.

The main idea behind the diet is that for every seven days, two should be spent fasting. The big bonus being you can eat whatever you like when not of the “fast” days. Besides weight loss the diet claims to improve your overall well being, lowering cholesterol and helping protect against disease. Learn all about the diet from the book below.

After a BBC Horizon documentary named Eat, Fast and Live Longer was aired in 2012, the diet began to gain popularity with many pointing to the various health benefits it offered. On days when you are fasting you must limit your calorie intake to six hundred kcals so that’s quite tough however as I said earlier you have the rather big bonus of eating what you want on the other five days.

You can choose whichever day of the week you like for fasting with the book suggesting that consecutive days is a bad idea. Most people mange to get 3 meals from the 600 kcals and lots of water consumption is also recommended on these days. There is less pressure on your liver during fasting days which reduces the growth of a hormone named IGF-1.  This allows cells to repair which uses up energy. SIRT1 is also known as the slim gene and this is put into action on fasting days.

The diet is obviously at a very early stage so long term benefits are not guaranteed as of yet with more research needed. It is highly recommended to take vitamins during days where you don’t eat much. People with diabetes are advised to steer clear of this plan as are those with epilepsy and those who are pregnant. As ever it is always good to consult with your GP before making any diet decisions.

Hear from the man himself:

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How to Lose Weight Fast with the Paleo Diet

What is the Paleo Diet?

The Paleolithic Diet, to give it its full name, is also sometimes referred to as the ‘Caveman Diet’. This is because the fundamentals behind the concept are based on the idea that out genetic make-up as human beings has not changed a great deal since the Stone Age, when we as a species functioned as hunter gatherers.

The physique of most humans at that time would therefore have been a great deal more impressive than the average body type today. What has changed the way we eat today is the development of agriculture, which began to appear in the late Stone Age, or Neolithic. This change in the way in which humans produced their food saw a massive increase in the amount of grains which people ate.

Proponents of the Paleo Diet would argue that this change was not a natural thing to do, from the point of our biology. Our bodies, they contend, are still largely set for hunter gathering rather than farming. This means that the most effective way of eating healthily is to mimic as much as possible the diet of our hunter gatherer ancestors.


The Paleo Diet aims therefore to return our bodies and eating habits to a more Paleolithic model of consumption. This helps to protect us from the effects of so-called ‘diseases of affluence’ related to diet, such as obesity, diabetes, heart problems and other conditions associated with carrying too much fat and flab.

The problem with eating grains, according to proponents of the diet, is that the energy they provide comes from the body converting them into glucose. Any glucose, which is a type of sugar, which is not used for energy, is then stored as fat. Coupled with a lack of exercise and working lives which involve sitting down a lot, the effects are easy to see.

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Paleo Diet Plan

Someone who is following the diet therefore cuts certain things out of what they eat, and focuses their attention on the kind of foods which come closest to those eaten by our caveman ancestors. This will then help to improve the way in which our bodies process food, offering a more balanced alternative to modern refined foods which in actual fact do little nutritionally except provide excess calories through their high sugar content.

But its grains which are seen as the real enemy by proponents of the Paleo diet. Grains contain two substances, lectins and gluten, which can wreak havoc with our bodies’ digestive systems. Gluten is a protein which is found in grains such as barley, rye and wheat. The recent explosion in the availability of gluten free products is something of a testament to how destructive this protein can be. Increasing numbers of people are discovering that they are gluten intolerant.

This condition can result in a large number of unpleasant conditions, such as acid reflux, joint pain and digestive problems, amongst many other things. A paleo diet can therefore offer some significant help to individuals who are gluten intolerant.

Lectins are a kind of defence mechanism which grains adopt in an evolutionary attempt to avoid being eaten. The presence of lectins in our diets can lead to damage of the digestive system, as they actually work to prevent our gastrointestinal networks from repairing themselves properly. As a paleo diet significantly reduces or eliminates the amount of lectins we consume, it can also help people with digestive tract illnesses.

Paleo Diet Food List

So a typical paleo diet shopping list would include lots of fish, grass fed meats, eggs and nuts for its protein content. To complement that, fruit, fresh vegetables, fungi and roots would also be included. The diet makes a point of excluding dairy products, legumes, potatoes, dairy products and refined salts and sugars. Processed oils are also not included in the diet.


If you are Looking for more Food Ideas then take a look at this Paleo Diet Recipe Website

Paleo Diet for Athletes

As well as preventing illnesses though, the diet can offer significant help to athletes and other people with very active lifestyles. It keeps weight gain to a minimum, while its high protein content means that lean muscle growth is promoted. This is very useful for all athletes, but especially in those sports which require a mixture of power and endurance, such as rugby league.

One sportsman who has advocated the use of the diet is English rugby league player Richie Mathers, currently at the Wakefield Trinity Wildcats in the Super League. His reasons for adopting the diet were to improve his physique and make him more powerful, something which seems to have been reflected in his performances for the Wildcats from his position of full-back.  Some athletes who have tried to use the diet have also complained that it can be very hard to stick to in a modern dining context.

Athletes also have high calorie requirements due to their training programs. They may therefore need to modify it somewhat, and include starchy vegetables like potatoes and beans, at least at first as they get used to it. Many athletes, such as international rower Ursula Grobler, insist that it has given them greater energy and helped to keep them lean. Sometimes, athletes only follow the diet for six days a week though, in order to make it less restrictive.


This is not to say that the diet is entirely without its drawbacks. Every nutritional program of this type requires some discipline, as well as affordable access to the kinds of quality meats, fruits and vegetables which are required. If you are restricted in your choice of local shopping outlets, this might make it problematic.

Nevertheless, there are clear benefits to using the diet, if you can stick to it. Combined with a dedicated program of focused training and exercise it can bring fantastic results. Like any kind of nutritional routine though, if you are in any doubt about it, consult with a medical or dietary professional. Some people with certain types of medical conditions may find that it does not suit.

If you need to get lean though, it can be a tremendous help. Make sure to research it in the light of your own medical history and activity levels if you want to take it on and use it though.

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Dukan Diet Review

The Dukan Diet not only teaches you how to lose weight; it also teaches you how to make better food choices so that you are able to stay on the right eating plan throughout the many different phases of weight loss and maintenance. For a Dukan Diet overview, consider the four phases of the diet and the results you can expect. If you have tried every fad diet on the market and you are still having trouble losing weight and keeping it off, the problem might be that you are not teaching yourself good eating habits. Cutting your calories and exercising more is great in the short term, but when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight for the rest of your life, you’ll certainly run into problems if you have not taught yourself to eat properly.

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What is the Dukan Diet?

Visit the Official Dukan Diet Website HERE

The diet starts with the Attack Phase. It is appropriately named because it’s an aggressive way of losing weight quickly. You will be restricted to a diet of mostly protein and a daily serving of oat bran, but you’ll only have to get through between five and 10 days of this initial phase. The immediate weight loss will keep you motivated.

The second phase of the Dukan Diet is called the Cruise Phase. This is the phase in which you will lose the majority of your weight and get to your goal weight. While you won’t lose weight as quickly as you do during the Attack Phase, it will be a steady and consistent loss, and you’ll be able to include vegetables in your meal planning and snacking.

Once you reach your goal weight, you want to make sure you are able to eat right and make healthy food choices for the long term. That’s why you enter into the Consolidation Phase. In this phase, you will increase your food choices to include fruits and small amounts of cheese and high fiber whole grains and starches. You will continue to focus on protein and vegetables, but the additional food groups you can choose from will keep you from feeling hungry or deprived.

Finally, you make it to the Stabilisation Phase. This is how you will eat for the rest of your life. Because you have already successfully moved through the first three phases of the diet, you have learned how to eat properly and which foods are best for you. You’ll continue devoting one day a week specifically to protein.

The Dukan Diet is a natural way of losing weight and it provides you with the tools you need to keep it off. The plan’s website is full of testimonials and success stories, and many people have found success and meaningful weight loss that they are able to maintain. When you focus on healthy, natural foods instead of frozen or packaged items, your body will respond.

Many people wonder what to expect in addition to weight loss. In the beginning, your body will essentially be detoxifying itself from the foods you have been feeding it for so long. Focusing on the protein will help your muscles build up strength and force your body to use all the fat it has been storing up for energy. You should always exercise on each phase of the diet. It does not have to be strenuous; a brisk walk every day is exactly what your body needs.

Most of the side effects will be positive. In the beginning, you might feel hungry as your body adjusts to the new way of eating, and you may crave the sugary and salty foods you are trying to break away from. However, you will also notice a surge of energy as you begin feeding your body what it really needs. As you continue through the eating plan and get better at choosing good foods, you will rarely feel hungry. This diet review is based on how most people respond on the plan. You will have your own success story.


Dukan Diet Attack Phase

The Dukan Diet is a healthy eating plan that encourages followers to avoid processed and packaged foods and to focus instead on the natural foods human beings were meant to eat. The diet is organised into four different phases which are structured to ensure success on the eating plan. The first phase, also called the Attack Phase, is the most aggressive part of the diet. It is in the Attack Phase that dieters will see the fastest and most dramatic results. Your body will adjust to eating in a new and healthy way and the meals and snacks you prepare will kick start your body into weight loss mode.

During the Attack Phase, you must focus on 72 specific foods that are high in protein. This part of the diet will last between five and 10 days, depending on your starting weight and the amount of progress you make in the immediate days. Remember that in addition to providing fast weight loss, you are also engaged in this phase to improve your eating habits. Snacking from foods out of packages, bags and boxes is prohibited. You are meant to focus on your protein so the pounds and fat begin to disappear from your body.

The attack phase food list that you are instructed to follow includes foods high in protein and low in fat, such as lean beef, chicken and turkey. Remember to remove fat and skin before you cook your poultry. You can also eat any fish, including shellfish and crustaceans, as long as it is not canned or kept in oil or other sauces. You can also eat up to two eggs per day as well as rabbit, veal and low fat ham. Dairy products low in fat are also meant to be consumed, and you can have any condiments or spices you want, as long as they do not contain any fat or sugar. Sweeteners that are made with something other than fructose are also permitted.

Drinking a lot of water is essential throughout the entire Diet, and especially during the Attack Phase. You want to train yourself to drink more water in order to prevent dehydration and to keep yourself from grabbing other sugary drinks such as soda and juice. Begin eating oat bran during the Attack Phase as well. Many diet followers find success stirring it into yogurt as a breakfast or a snack.

The Attack Phase will teach you how to view food differently and eat food better. While you focus on your high protein foods, you will lose weight quickly and avoid getting hungry. Remember to get some exercise every day by taking a brisk walk. After about a week, you’ll be ready to move onto the next diet phase.

Dukan Diet Cruise Phase

The Dukan Diet Cruise Phase is part two of the diet plan, which is a sensible eating plan that promotes weight loss and healthy eating habits. In the first phase of the plan, known as the Attack Phase, you eat a lot of protein and limit other foods in order to jump start your weight loss and teach yourself to make better choices when it comes to meals and snacks. In the Cruise Phase, you are provided with a lot more food options, and you stay on it as long as you need to. While the first phase was meant to last between five and 10 days, this phase will work for you until you get closer to your target weight.

In the Cruise Phase, you should expect to lose about two pounds per week. You will alternate days of pure protein with days of protein and vegetables. How you structure these days depends on your food preferences and lifestyles. The Dukan plan allows you to do one day of pure protein followed by one day of protein and vegetables, or you can do five straight days of pure protein followed by five days of protein and vegetables. If you don’t mind a slower rate of weight loss, you can also choose to do two days of pure protein followed by five days of protein and veggies.

In the Cruise phase, you can incorporate tasty and healthy vegetables into your diet. Try spinach, broccoli, salads, peppers, onions, celery and anything else you like that is healthy and leafy. Remember not to forget your protein. You can also increase the amount of oat bran you eat, and you’re encouraged to raise your exercise level to about 30 minutes per day. Don’t do anything strenuous; a brisk walk will keep you on track.

Dukan Diet Consolidation Phase

The Dukan Diet Consolidation Phase is the third part of the popular and effective Dukan diet. It follows the Attack Phase, where you dramatically change the way you eat for five to 10 days and the Cruise Phase, where you modify your menu and focus on protein and vegetables until you reach your goal weight. Once you arrive at the Consolidation phase, you get to incorporate extra food into your diet, including fruits and whole grains. The purpose of this phase is to ensure you stay strong and avoid going back to the bad eating habits that led you to a weight problem in the beginning.

The first thing you should do when you arrive at the Consolidation Phase is congratulate yourself. Getting through the first two phases of this healthy eating plan is a huge accomplishment, and reaching your target weight is a big step towards a healthier lifestyle. During this phase, you will need to dedicate one day per week to pure protein. The rest of the week can include daily vegetables, whole grains, cheese, starch, fruits and even two celebratory meals per week. During those meals, you can eat whatever you want, whether it’s pizza or a double cheeseburger. As long as you have only one serving and you space out your celebratory meals, you can enjoy any food you want.

Arriving at the Consolidation Phase is a big deal, and you will welcome the additional options in your diet. Just remember to stick to the healthy eating habits you have learned during the first two phases. You are allowed to have fruit, but only have one piece of fruit per day. Measure out your cheese so you aren’t having more than you should. Finally, keep that one day of pure protein to ensure you maintain your weight loss.

Dukan Diet Stabilisation Phase

When you reach the Dukan Diet Stabilisation Phase, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have successfully lost weight and kept it off. This means you have taught yourself how to make healthier choices when it comes to food, exercise and portion sizes. Now that you have found the benefits of enjoying fresh, healthy food, you have to set yourself up for success for the rest of your life. That’s what the Stabilisation Phase helps you do. You will be able to eat with a little more flexibility, but you have to remember what is necessary to keep the body weight you presently have.

Pick one day a week to be your pure protein day. This will be the day that you re-visit your eating behaviors during the Attack Phase of the plan. On your protein day, you will eat only the food that you had during the first phase of the diet, including chicken, fish and other lean meats and proteins that helped you lose weight quickly. You also want to remember to eat some oat bran every day. This will help you digestion and keep you feeling full and less hungry. Otherwise, you can eat fruits, vegetables, cheese and high fiber starches in moderate and healthy serving sizes.

On the Stabilisation Phase, you also want to remember to stay active. Focus on walking every day, and get as much exercise as you can to help you keep your weight off. Be faithful to the other good habits you have learned throughout the other phases of the diet as well. Have only one portion when you eat meals, be careful about the amount of fat you consume and enjoy your food. Now that you are on the Stabilisation Phase, this is the way you will be eating for the rest of your life.

Dukan Diet Food List

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Dukan Diet Recipes

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