The 5:2 diet has received yet another thumbs up from the celebrity world, this time coming from TV presenter Phillip Schofield. It has also been claimed that the diet has proved successful for Beyonce, Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck and many more high profile dieters. Mr Schofield has so far lost nine pounds on the plan in just three weeks. In order to be successful, you must fast for 2 days a week on the diet and eat a normal regular diet for the other 5 days. During fast days, just 500 calories are allowed for women and 600 for men. It certainly seems to beRead More →

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One of the hot diets of 2013 so far has been The Fast Diet by Dr Michael Mosley (in collaboration with Mimi Spencer). Mosley initially came to public attention on our TV screens. The diet is known widely as the 5:2 diet or the 2 day diet. The main idea behind the diet is that for every seven days, two should be spent fasting. The big bonus being you can eat whatever you like when not of the “fast” days. Besides weight loss the diet claims to improve your overall well being, lowering cholesterol and helping protect against disease. Learn all about the diet fromRead More →

What is the Paleo Diet? The Paleolithic Diet, to give it its full name, is also sometimes referred to as the ‘Caveman Diet’. This is because the fundamentals behind the concept are based on the idea that out genetic make-up as human beings has not changed a great deal since the Stone Age, when we as a species functioned as hunter gatherers. The physique of most humans at that time would therefore have been a great deal more impressive than the average body type today. What has changed the way we eat today is the development of agriculture, which began to appear in the lateRead More →

The Dukan Diet not only teaches you how to lose weight; it also teaches you how to make better food choices so that you are able to stay on the right eating plan throughout the many different phases of weight loss and maintenance. For a Dukan Diet overview, consider the four phases of the diet and the results you can expect. If you have tried every fad diet on the market and you are still having trouble losing weight and keeping it off, the problem might be that you are not teaching yourself good eating habits. Cutting your calories and exercising more is great inRead More →