Could you survive on just Hummus and Radishes? Its certainly not something anyone should try but that has not stopped actress Anne Hathaway who claims to be obsessed with her weight adding that she feels shame that it is something she has yet to grow out of. She also expressed a fear that people within the industry may not respect her as much if she does not keep her weight at a level she feels good with. Constantly being under scrutiny is something which she admits can be difficult. Anne can still be seen on many red carpets and is certainly not afraid to takeRead More →

In an effort to decrease crime rates, police in Indonesia have been told to shape up so as to have a better chance of catching criminals. The portly crime stoppers have been giving training gear and runners and ordered to shape up or ship out. Poor diet and a lack of exercise were blamed by a spokesman for the problem. He went on to say that there would be no penalties for officers who failed to lose weight however a lack of effort was not acceptable. Some policeman have spoken of the benefits of the training program while others have been disappointed with their lackRead More →

Michael Wasserman of the University of California has recently undertaken a study which he believes shows vegetarians to have better sex lives than carnivores. The study was conducted for over a year on monkeys where their diet was strictly veggie. Sex as well as stress hormones were seen to be heightened by the team during the trial. Leaves from the Millettia dura tree were the main staple of the diet which contain high levels of soy. Wasserman says there is merit to the study with support coming somewhat humorously I would imagine from PETA with an associate suggesting vegans have the stamina to party allRead More →

It seems it has for many Americans according to a recent article from Gallup. The average weight that most are happy with is now over 11.5 stone. This represents almost a stone increase on the figure released twelve years ago. The average US Male now weighs around 14 stone where as their ideal weight is close to a stone lighter. The ideal weight for women comes in at around the 10 stone mark however the reality is over the 11 stone mark. The study found that just one in six people were actually at their ideal weight.Read More →

After her pregnancy, Jessica Simpson was determined to lose weight and boy did she succeed. The guys over at TMZ have wrote a great article with all the juicy details you will need if you would like to follow in Simpson’s footsteps (Jessica not Homer ;). Obviously with these things having your own personal chef is quite a big advantage but there are definitely some decent tip to be picked up all the same. Take a look at the article.    Read More →