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Trouble Sleeping because of what you are Eating

Do you have trouble getting to sleep at night?, tossing and turning as you cant seem to get comfortable and relax? – You may be suffering one of the side effects of a bad diet.  Research has shown that deficiencies of certain nutrients such as Calcium and Magnesium can badly affect sleep patterns.


Experts recommend adding plenty of fruits to your diet as well as vegetables, grains and some protein sources like fresh fish or chicken.  An obvious one which really shouldn’t need repeating is to avoid any drinks/food with caffeine. Some people also feel that having an alcoholic drink is a good way to relax before bed but for many people this is not the case as it can have quite the opposite effect.

Another school of thought suggests that eating foods with protein and carbs such as biscuits and milk can help as they affect sleep hormones. Herbal options such as valerian also remain popular.

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How Corrie Star Dropped Six Stone

Catherine Tyldesley is currently one of the hottest properties in soap land receiving many admiring glances for her stunning figure. This however was not always the case for the twenty nine year old actress who battled her weight for many years before finding a weight loss solution which worked for her.


First of all having a personal trainer as a boyfriend has been a massive help for Catherine. He helped her came up with a regular exercise regime and healthy eating plan which started her on the road to the figure we see today.

Tyldesley cites will power as a vital commodity for would be dieters. She also believes so called fad diets to be a waste of time as we must follow a diet which is natural for the human body.

The actress still believes in having fun though and suggests that everyone can treat themselves occasionally as long as they get back to their routine the next day.


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Some Tips to Keep your Weight Loss on track

It certainly helps to be organised and have a set plan of action when you want to lose weight. Here are a few tip which you may find useful.

1) Don’t allow your hunger to build to a maximum

Its important that you keep your hunger levels balanced. If you become insatiably hungry then you may be likely to grab the first thing you can find which is often not a healthy option. Keep your meal times as regular as possible. Skipping breakfast is always a bad idea.

2) Know whats coming

Get the shopping in and keep that fridge stocked with healthy options. Most of us lead very busy lives so coming home after a hard days work and slipping back into old unhealthy eating patterns can be easily done. Make sure that on your day off you get as much of the food that you will need as possible.  Get plenty of low fat snack options which you can eat on the go.


3) How big are your portions?

The fact is that for most of us they are too big. We can easily get in to the habit of thinking that we need a set amount of food when in reality we can easily get by with less. Don’t keep eating until you are fit to burst. You just want to feel satisfied.

4) Keep track of everything

An absolutely vital part of any diet plan is keeping notes of exactly what you are putting into your body. People have different ways of doing this. Some will prefer just plain pen and paper while others will use a laptop or portable device or perhaps an app which is an increasingly popular option among dieters.


5) Set goals

Having a target weight is vital. Give yourself a little treat when you start to make good progress ensuring that it is “little” of course so as not to undo any hard work.

6) Don’t give up

There may well be days when you slip up but what important is that you don’t give up. Write it off as a bad day and start again

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Drinking Alcohol and your Diet

Dieting is quite difficult for most of us mere mortals so having to give up your favourite alcoholic tipple certainly doesn’t make things any easier. It is something that many of us fail to do so end up adding all those calories despite cutting down on fatty foods.

There are however ways to enjoy a drink without ruining your diet. According to Andrea Giancoli of the American Dietetic Association you can still enjoy a drink as long as you count those calories carefully.  The average glass of wine has around one hundred and twenty calories while the average spirit comes in at around the hundred mark.  A bottle of Beer will normally be around the one hundred and fifty mark.


Of course you must also add in the calories of any mixers you are using which many will find a necessity when drinking hard liquor. Going for the diet mixers will help keep the numbers down. Throwing in a few blocks of ice may work for some as it will make the drink more sip-able as the ice melts.

Keep in mind that alcohol is very good at reducing your will power when it comes to all those other items you may be trying to avoid.


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Find Love and Lose Weight!

So here is a novel idea from former pop idol winner Kelly Clarkson – Find Love and the weight will drop off!..well, not exactly but something along those lines ;-).  Clarkson recently told Cosmopolitan magazine that since hooking up with her now fiance, she has dropped over eighteen pounds.


She claims that falling in love will make you want to look your best for your partner. Of course small portion sizes and not eating late in the day might also have a bearing on Ms Clarkson’s current weight as well as a regular exercise regime.



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Still a Klass Act

During a recent photo shoot for Littlewoods, Myleene Klass showed off her stunning new figure modeling outfits of her own design.  It has not been an easy year for the former popstar as her marriage ended in divorce however 2013 looks to be full of bright prospects for the young entrepreneur.

The spring collection from Klass looks set to be a surefire hit bringing the former singer to the top of a different sales chart. At least one figure hugging designs suggests Ms Klass certainly did not overindulge too much during the Christmas/New Year break.

Her previous work for Littlewoods has proven to be very successful with tills ringing throughout various branches around the country. The company expect more of the same from this beautiful new range.

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Jenny McCarthy Loves her new Food Regime

Model and actress Jenny McCarthy has claimed to feel healthier than ever thanks to cutting out gluten and dairy from her website.  McCarthy has a new show coming out soon on VH1 so has also undergone a makeover in order to be looking her best for the shows debut.

Jenny said she has a lot more energy since excluding certain food items with the added benefit of losing a few pounds. She makes soups such as butternut squash and will on occasions go on an all soup diet for a week or so if she needs to lose weight quickly.


She recently divorced John Mallory Asher and also had a relationship with Jim Carey. She claims to be happy enough just concentrating on her career at the moment.

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Christmas Holly for Cian Healy

Former Miss Ireland Holly Carpenter has pledged to take it easy on the diet this Christmas as she plans to make the most of it with her boyfriend Irish rugby star Cian Healy as well as with her family and friends. After spending some time in Galway with friends she then plans to meet up with Cian on Sunday where they will spend the day pampering themselves with fine foods and gifts.


The pair have been dating since December but this is their first proper Christmas with all the trimmings.  Carpenter is a big fan of the Paleo Diet or the Caveman diet as it is also known. Combining the diet with healthy eating she has manged to shed the pounds in the last six months or so.

She has admitted however that she will be allowing herself some culinary treats this Christmas as she looks forward to some relaxation time.

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A Few Tips to Avoid the Christmas Bulge

1) OK its Christmas and you probably deserve a good break but would it be really that difficult to fit in just a little exercise? Make a note of when you are likely to have a little free time and see if you can squeeze in a run, any indoor sports or whatever normally works for you. If its in your schedule then its harder to brush it off.

2) Take it easy on the alcohol. Many festive drinks are packed with calories plus you are likely to eat  a lot more if a little tipsy. Indulge yourself at least once if you really need to but don’t let it become a binge.


3) There is a tendency to hide the weighing scale at this time of year however a daily check on your weight will give you a good idea of how you are doing and help you avoid any truly nasty surprises when the holiday season is over.

4) When buying snack foods, try to pick those with the most natural ingredients.

5) Try not to stray too far from your usual routines. Keep the foods you are used too within easy reach so as you don’t have to substitute them for unhealthy alternatives.

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Irish Gym Boss Ben Dunne Loses Four Stone

Well known Irish businessman  Ben Dunne has lost a whopping 4 stone this year. The sixty three year old took on the advice of his doctor and decided to do something about his weight problem. Although considered currently healthy by his doctor he was told that in his current shape this was unlikely to continue. If he wanted to live at least well into his seventies then he needed to take action on his weight.

Dunne weighed almost nineteen stone when he began dieting but is now down to almost under fifteen. The food stuffs he has cut out are fairly obvious bad boys such as sliced white bread and sweets switching to a high protein diet. He also of course has taken the option of working out in some of the gyms he owns.

He claims to not follow the diet rigidly at weekends allowing himself meals out. He has happily traded in his old wardrobe for those slimmer fits.

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