A Few Tips to Avoid the Christmas Bulge

1) OK its Christmas and you probably deserve a good break but would it be really that difficult to fit in just a little exercise? Make a note of when you are likely to have a little free time and see if you can squeeze in a run, any indoor sports or whatever normally works for you. If its in your schedule then its harder to brush it off.

2) Take it easy on the alcohol. Many festive drinks are packed with calories plus you are likely to eat  a lot more if a little tipsy. Indulge yourself at least once if you really need to but don’t let it become a binge.


3) There is a tendency to hide the weighing scale at this time of year however a daily check on your weight will give you a good idea of how you are doing and help you avoid any truly nasty surprises when the holiday season is over.

4) When buying snack foods, try to pick those with the most natural ingredients.

5) Try not to stray too far from your usual routines. Keep the foods you are used too within easy reach so as you don’t have to substitute them for unhealthy alternatives.

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